tips for surviving a quarantine in the face of financial obligations

friends, if you are asked to self-quarantine, fuckin’ do it. you could kill someone by disregarding your quarantine.

i know times are rough out there because capitalism is a nightmare, so here are some ideas about preparing for having to self-quarantine in the face of financial obligations:

talk to your friends and family about how y’all are gonna pay rent if you lose income over this. i know we’re all taught not to talk about money, but not talking about money only benefits the wealthy and we don’t want anything benefiting them, do we? ask for what you need. it is good to do so.

find out what protections are available in your state. check out to learn about ways you can get help paying bills. you can also call 211 for information about local social services. keep in mind that in some places certain services are being expanded; what isn’t available for you now may be available for you tomorrow. stay informed.

contact your representatives about expanding protections in this crisis. (when this passes, advocate for increased social programs at all times. we always deserve food, shelter, clothing, healthcare, etc. — we don’t just deserve it during a pandemic.)

get familiar with the unemployment process. (washington has expanded theirs to cover more people during this crisis:

see what food pantries exist in your area and what their requirements for access are. it’s not unlikely for there to be some that serve anyone regardless of income, etc. is a good starting place to search.

if stocking up on food makes you feel more comfortable, pasta, canned foods, and frozen foods will all keep for long periods.

washington has opened a special enrollment period for insurance coverage through washington healthplanfinder for people without insurance. you have until april 8th. more information at this link.

for wisdom from chronically ill and disabled folks who deal with things like this all the time, listen to this healing justice podcast episode.

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